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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,

I have arrived safely and in a timely manner in Belize.

I am sending out this special edition of our public prayer mail, so you can be praying that the Holy Spirit will move on the following items in my agenda in Belize. (I just finished a great time in Tanzania. Please pray that the Lord would continue to work his program there, especially by getting the orientation presentations off the ground.)

It is vocation month in the Diocese of Belize.


Tomorrow (Saturday), probably 9 am Belize time (11 am Albany time): I make a brief presentation to about 35 acolytes.

Monday evening; television interview (both Bp. Philip and I will be interviewed)

Tuesday morning, 8:30 Albany time, another television interview (both Bp. Philip and myself and a student in our program)

Wednesday morning, beginning at 11 am Albany time, I deliver a homily on vocation awareness to 400 teenagers, at the Anglican Cathedral College. Life can be a real challenge for some of these kids.

Saturday, 18 May, beginning at 11 am (Albany time), one of my major presentations: to address Lay Ministers Training in the Diocese. This is an event in both the morning and the afternoon.

19 May, Day of Pentecost, preaching a homily at an area parish.

There will also be planning and preparation times, during the week, as well.

God bless you,
Belize City, Belize

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