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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prayer Mail

Dear Prayer partners,
Peace be with you.
Thank you for your prayers. We sense them, wherever we go.

We sat out the Tropical Storm, in Maine.

a) We have arrived safe and sound in New York State, having had a great time with family and friends in three states, and having avoided any real negative impacts from Tropical Storm Irene.

b) Lydia is launched at college and loving it. Classes are underway. She had a great birthday. Phase four of being launched at college is.... the rest of college.

a) For our parents. Julie's parents and my mom: various needs, particularly their physical health and/or decisions about where to live.

b) For our time at the missionary program that begins next week in California. Julie and I will be there about a month. Please pray for safe and timely travel.

c) That we would be a blessing to all whom we encounter, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

d) For our daughters in their various endeavors: Lydia, Hannah, and Ruth.

God bless you. I pray for you every day.

In Christ,
Shaw+ and on behalf of Julie+

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