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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prayer Mail

Dear Prayer partners,
Peace be with you.
This is our public prayer mail for this week.


1) We arrived safely in California, and the program is a great one. We have been learning about LIFO, which appears to be a really good tool for missionary and parish settings.

2) Thank you to Torre Bissell, Dcn. Greg Bailey, and others who have shared prayer requests over the internet about the flooding. I have been praying these prayer requests.

3) Thank you to Bp. Bill for his message this week.

4) For the great sermon on forgiveness at the Church we attended, today.


1) For our missionary program.

2) 10 years ago I was in Walton, NY, as we went through 9/11 together; and in this season of our lives, I am praying for everyone in Walton and everywhere else who has been affected by flooding.

3) That we would continue to be a blessing to all whom we encounter.

God bless you. I pray for you every day.
In Christ,
Shaw+ and on behalf of Julie+

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