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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Prayer Mail Oct 2

Dear partners in prayer,

This is our weekly public prayer mail.

We thank everyone for their prayers, and also we thank everyone who has been contributing financially.  Both aspects are very important ministries for us, and we are being blessed daily in the way Go dis moving.  The combination of these ministries is your participation with us, as part of our travels and as part of our online teaching.

This week's selective overview:

1. Coursework development continues, including an attempt at translation work in Swahili.

2.  This week, a few people suddenly realized that they could take our 24/7 courses at any time.  This is great!

3.  I went to the travel doctor.  It is amazing what travel doctors can do on the computer.  Also, I have been inoculated against typhoid and two strains of flu.  The CDC says that I do not need anti-malaria medicine for the specific destinations where I am going in October and again in January, in Belize.  I can live with that; or rather, Praise God!

4.  I have been putting North American photos on my Facebook page, in addition to Belizean and Tanzanian photos, for the benefit of people in Africa, Belize, and elsewhere, so that they can see what the USA is like.  Some of my captions, therefore, may appear in Spanish and as an attempt at Swahili.

Prayer requests:

1.  There are several kinds of prayer that I pray daily.  They are as important now as they were on day one.  They will continually be important.  Please join me in these. (It is almost a litany):
For the students whom God wants in the program.
For the financing that God wants in the program.
For the parish visits He would like us to make.
For the course development work that God wants for the program, and for the appropriate faculty to teach the courses.
For the online campuses in Belize and Tanzania.
To be open to what God wants to do.

2.  Continue to pray for the October and January visits to Belize. Your prayers are making a difference in the preparation work.

3.  Pray for our family members who are on the threshold of making important decisions, trying to implement plans, or facing challenges.

In Christ,
Shaw+ and on behalf of Julie+

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