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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prayer Mail

Dear partners in prayer,

This is our weekly public prayer mail.  

This week's selective overview: 
1) Had another great day on Sunday, making a missionary presentation at a parish in upstate New York. Totally awesome congregation.
2) Additional people seem to be interested in joining the online program this week.

3) Coursework development continues.

4) Preparation for the trip to Belize continues.

Prayer requests:
1) Continue to pray for the October and January visits to Belize, especially for the Cursillo talks in October, and all the arrangements and meetings on the trip. 

The upcoming Cursillo weekend in Belize has been preceded by some spiritual static. What else is new? (It's a Cursillo weekend coming up). Pray, pray, pray.

2) The Bishop has asked me to teach a day on Christian vocation, when I am in Belize in October. Pray for the right comments and the right attendance.

3) Pray for our family members who are: on the threshold of making important decisions, trying to implement plans, or facing challenges.

4) As always, continue to pray for the students, faculty, course development, and finances. You are making a difference.

In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ 

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