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Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Newsletter

Ask a Missionary.

Clarissa Falls, Belize, Central America.
Photo: Fr. Shaw Mudge (c) 2014.

As a missionary, people ask me questions all the time. One of the questions of late has been:

"What is the impact that your missionary work is having on the individual people among whom you minister?"

For security reasons and safety reasons for the people concerned, I generally do not mention individual people by name or put their photos in our newsletters, unless they would not mind.

For example, in Belize we no longer can take photographs in schools because of concern that pictures of students appearing in social media contexts might lead to kidnappings. Since our newsletter is published openly on the Internet, I believe that I have a moral obligation to respect that decision.

But in general, and so that you may have some glimpse on the impact of our ministry, this month I include some paraphrased quotes:

"Thank you for your sermon on praying for healing. I was particularly moved by the fact that God deals with those wounds that people can not see."

"Thank you for speaking up for me in the ordination process."

"Thank you for your way of speaking down- to-earth, in a pastoral manner, in a way that we can understand."

"Thank you for your Internet educational program. It is wonderful."

"Thank you for being so flexible. It is rare to find a missionary who is so flexible; being flexible is very important in missionary work."

"We noticed that you were not saying anything. We suspected that the reason you were not saying anything is that you were listening to us and learning our cultural ways. We respect that."

"Thank you for praying with me."

"Thank you for pointing out that we can be ourselves when praying for healing."

I hope this answers the question. There is more, and it is a team effort. I am glad that we serve as part of God's team.

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In Jesus' Name and God bless you,

The Revs. Shaw and Julie Mudge Missionaries of SAMS and Albany.  

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