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Monday, September 15, 2014

September Newsletter

Quantity and Quality.

Photo of clergyman excited about the future, taken by Mtr. Julia Mudge (c) 2014.

"That's a lot of people..."

We have just settled down amid the relocation of our mission office to Connecticut. Today, I was checking a few of the Websites that I monitor.

Here is what I discovered. (I was very pleasantly surprised): 663 people have stopped by the Diocese of Belize Website that I created, since March. There have been over 6,500 hits on my Daily Office Website for the Book of Common Prayer Daily Office tutorial/daily prayer Website since April; a lot of the hits are my own changes to the site, but there are a considerable number of people out there besides me who are tapping into it, as well, apparently. Wow.

388 People have been using our public Google Website (including the library of links), for the Global Online Anglican Theological College program since Advent of 2013, and 63 people have actually entered our Global Online Anglican Theological College program Moodle course Website since Advent of 2013.

Considering that we are niche ministry as part of a smaller sized (family sized) diocese, that is not bad. In fact, that is very good.

And looking ahead. After several years of not having any ordinations, the Diocese of Belize will be ordaining 4 people as deacons on September 29, with another 3 people scheduled early in 2015 if all goes well. This is big. It is exciting. They are excited. I am excited, in part because I had something to do with it all.

And the Diocesan Synod comes up in October 2014, in which the diocese will begin to look at a plan for the next 20 years. This is exciting.

I take the long view. And with that in mind, that is something to get excited about. I am looking past the difficulties and distractions. I am thinking about God's work accomplished. I think about the people over the next 3 generations in Belize and elsewhere who will have been positively impacted by what we are doing, now.

God bless you,
Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.


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