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Monday, June 8, 2015

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends, 

For everyone in the Diocese of Albany, I hope you have had a wonderful convention. I missed you all, yet I had a wonderful time in the Belmopan area (central Belize).

This is our public prayer mail for Tuesday 9 June 2015.  

Among the highlights of this past week: 

1) Annual Hurricane Service and bilingual Baptism at St. Ann's Anglican Church in Belmopan, Belize, on Sunday. Belmopan, the capital, is an hour inland and was created after the Hurricane in 1961 that Torre Bissell survived. It commemorates the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. The bilingual aspects of the service were based on the materials we had developed for the Spanish prayer book.

2) A busy week for our family: Ruth moved in Illinois, Hannah had a birthday, and Lydia signed up for Fall courses, and three of our family were at Diocesan Convention in the Diocese of Albany.

3) Julie was at our Diocesan of Albany Convention booth. And, as we had arranged, she tried to connect me with folks via FaceTime, but while I could hear and see everyone, apparently texting was my only real option for two-way communication. For everyone with whom she tried to connect me, thank you. It was a blessing to see you. Though you many not have been able to see or hear me, I could see everything and hear everything at your end, it was like being at Convention for me. Smart phones can be helpful.
4) Have been working on preparations for various pending events, appointments, and courses. 

5) The Spanish Prayer Book grant application materials and support letters have been received. 

6) I continue to develop materials for my upcoming Pastoral Ministry and Preaching courses.


1) For the upcoming diocesan-wide Pastoral Ministry workshop that I will be co-leading in Belize City on Saturday, for all Lay Ministers and anyone who makes pastoral home visits and hospital visits. Pray that we would be Jesus' teachers and teach what he would like us to teach.

2) For my visa extension meeting with Immigration in Belmopan on Wednesday. It is supposed to be routine. Pray that God's will be done. 

3) Julie and I have a wedding anniversary this week, but as far as we can tell this is probably the only one where we have not been together. I did pray an anniversary prayer for us on Sunday at St. Ann's in Belmopan.

4) For the remaining chapel services and devotional services in the schools over the final few weeks of the school year, and that students would focus on school and not on vacation (it's kind of like salmon swimming upstream on this one, for the teachers). For graduation Sunday at the parishes on the 21st, and graduation services at the schools on the 24th. Pray for that I would listen to God's wisdom and on these matters.

5) For upcoming bible studies and parish services, and everything in between. The topic of "what does Revelation tell us about..." continues to be a hot topic that arises at Bible study. I have some materials from my New Testament course that are proving to be helpful. Pray that I would say what the Holy Spirit guides me to say.

6) Continued prayers for driving the truck, as needed. I am also using the bus system and carpooling for longer journeys. Prayers for timely and safe travel.

7) Please keep each of the above items in prayer: health issues, our mission work, parish supply work, the various language opportunities, healthy food and exercise, and the weather. Pray for safe and timely travel, for the grant for the publication of the prayer book, and the Holy Spirit's priorities for us.

8) Please keep various family members in prayer about: relationships, events and appointments, decisions to make, educational goals, gainful employment, fruitful ministry, and God's presence while I am away.

9) Please pray about any remaining paperwork that Lydia may need to complete for school.

Your prayers are very important. I am praying for you every day.

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