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Monday, September 14, 2015

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends, 
This is our public prayer mail for Tuesday 15 September 2015. 
Among the highlights of this past week: 

1) Hannah seems to be doing much better than a week ago. 

2) Our grant application was approved towards the publication of the Spanish Prayer Book. I am not sure how much of the publication costs will be covered by the check, but it is a good start.

3) Continued to prepare the A200 General Church History and Liturgy online course, 24/7 version. 
5) The A301 Pastoral Ministry course continues. It is a good one. 

6) Parish visitations are going well.  

7) I continue to pray for those going through uncharted waters, so to speak.

8) Preparations are underway for the Belize trip in October.

1) Pray for the October trip to Belize, beginning in one month.  

2) Pray for the continuing online seminary education program in Belize that all would be done to God's glory, for our ministry fruitfulness and for the students, faculty, parish clergy, Commission on Ministry members, and diocesan staff involved. 
3) Pray for the people in the ordination process and my role as Examining Chaplain. More ordinations are apparently in the works. The date has not been settled yet for the next one, but it is on the Bishop's mind.
4) Please pray for the developments at Kasulu Bible College, and for what the Holy Spirit has in mind for us, there. Bill Schrull is in Tanzania at the moment. Pray that what God would like to have happen on the trip, will happen.
5) For the ongoing Belizean projects, including the actual publishing of the Prayer Book and for the theological library plans.  
6) Pray that I would listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit on what to say and do in the next several months, especially at St. Paul's in Brookfield (CT), St. Mary's in Manchester (CT), Parish mission conference at St. James in Farmington (CT), and at the Cursillo Weekend in the Belmopan area of Belize. Pray for Julie and her times at St. Paul's in Brookfield, and Trinity, Tariffville (CT).

7) Keep praying for our overall upcoming parish visitation schedule and trip plans that they would continue to be according to the Holy Spirit's schedule, where and when. If you would like me to visit, let us pray that the Holy Spirit would make that happen in his way and his time. 
8) Please keep various family members in prayer about: relationships, events and appointments, decisions to make, educational goals, gainful employment, and fruitful ministry. 

9) Pray for Lydia and Julie in their studies.  
Your prayers are very important. I pray for you every day.
God bless you, 
Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.

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