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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Mudge Making a Difference Newsletter. Leap Year Day 2016. Central Belize. 

Photo copyright Fr. Shaw Mudge, 2015-16. 


God continues to lead us in new and more profound directions on this mission adventure. More mission experiences to come! And thank you to everyone who is journeying with us. We continue to look forward to your friendship and support in the days and months ahead. Our unique journey together continues among the Vanguard for Christ! We meet really great people along the way, whether in Peru, in Belize, in East Africa, and in the U.S. We minister alongside awesome bishops, lay people, priests, and deacons. That would include you as our partners! 

Onward! And it is with special enthusiasm that I thank my fellow missionaries, Rev. Julie and Lydia, for all their hard work amid the successes and challenging circumstances that come our way. And the thought came to me, today, that in the midst of all the challenges and accomplishments of missionary life, that learning from each experience is like earning a scout merit badge. As I think ahead about my Christian walk: what might I consider a mission merit badge? Could one type be: “touched many lives today on that occasion” merit badge, and another be “survived the temptations in the desert that time” merit badge, and so on? Interesting thoughts. I am excited about this interpretation of what I do. If I learn from our successes and our challenges, each experience is a merit badge for Jesus! 

Ultreya! God bless you all, and thank you for your support, in Jesus’ Name, 

Fr. Shaw, and on behalf of Mtr. Julie. 

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