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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Prayer Mail March 13

Dear Friends,

This is our public prayer mail of Sunday, 13 March 2016. The time change has arrived in the U.S. Belize time does not change. In effect, as we do every year, we have moved our relationship with Belize from Central Time to Mountain Time.

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day!

This week:

1) I now have my upgrade for visa entry, and have made reservations for my 13th trip to Belize, in late April and early May.

2 )The Parish Development and Stewardship distance-learning course continues, and is examination week. Next month, in Easter Season, we will be launching the Christian Ethics/Moral Theology course.  

3) I have begun upgrading courses to take into account lectionary changes in the Province of the West Indies over the past few months, as well as turning course notes and other materials into seminary "note-books", that would cover every subject in a parish-friendly, and ordinand friendly, resource. That is the goal. 

Like the courses themselves, all my part would be gratis for the recipients, thanks to your support. 

All this is to make the Kingdom of God real in the lives of people in Belize. The positive consequences of our actions through the movement of the Holy Spirit, as a kind of ripple effect of what Jesus is doing, is sometimes way beyond what I could have imagined.

4) There are other projects in the works as well, and my part in the ordination process in Belize continues for several people.

Stateside: parish opportunities continue. All are making room for what needs to be done on the mission field. In fact, I believe a side benefit helps people think in terms of being missionaries. 

Your prayers are requested for the following:

A) For the courses, students, and academic project.

B) For my various ongoing ministries with Belize, including ministry to people in the ordination process, for whomever the Holy Spirit may be raising up for ordination and Lay Leadership, and my upcoming mission trip. 

C) For the Holy Spirit's continued guidance throughout 2016, and plans ahead. 

D) For safe and timely travel. 

E) For relatives and friends who face challenges.  

Thank you for praying. I pray for you every day.  

God bless you. 

Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.

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