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Monday, August 22, 2016

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,
This is our prayer mail for 22 August 2016.  The Olympics are drawing to a close. Bolt continues to be a big name in the Caribbean.

This week: 
Rewriting a theology course continues.

I received a report that the Spanish version of the CPWI Prayer Book may be published within the next three weeks!
1) Prayers for guidance on the path ahead, for whatever the Holy Spirit has in mind, and however his provision may take place. Clear discernment as to the appropriate path would be appreciated. 

2) My next trip to Belize is scheduled to coincide with the diocesan synod in October. Pray for the tickets and arrangements, as there has been recent dramatics change in airline availability and schedules since our most recent trip at the end of July. I plan to begin working on these arrangement in about a week and a half. The Bishop of Belize returns to Belize about the same time.

3) For the publication of the Spanish Prayer Book.
4) For the easing of tensions between Guatemala and Belize.  

5) For the clean up in Belize in the wake of Hurricane Earl.

I pray for you every day.
Are we making a difference? Absolutely. You are part of our team.
God bless you,
Fr. Shaw, and on behalf of Rev. Julie.
Back in Connecticut

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