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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,
This is our prayer mail for 7 August 2016.  Bom dia! The summer Olympics are underway in Brazil (though it is winter time in Rio....). I visited Rio on a business trip in December 1973, some of it brings back memories.

This week: 
This week we battled a virus. We are not sure what kind of virus, but I was about two days behind Julie at the start and as we approach the end. We are OK, and our strength is just about fully back. Next week we are on vacation with family.

It is also vacation time in Belize, so things are in a lull, there. I have been working on course material, but at a measured pace. A student started another course.

1) Prayers for guidance on the path ahead, for whatever the Holy Spirit has in mind. Clear discernment as to the 
appropriate path would be appreciated. 

There are plans in the works, associated with three different dioceses in different parts of the Anglican Communion at the moment.

2) For the publication of the Spanish Prayer Book.
3) For the easing of tensions between Guatemala and Belize. The tensions seem to have settled into a fact of day to day life.

I pray for you every day.
Are we making a difference? Absolutely. You are part of our team.
God bless you,
Fr. Shaw, and on behalf of Rev. Julie.
Back from Belize. 
I am preparing for the next trip.

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