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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,
This is our prayer mail for Sunday, 4 September 2016, the first day of the week, Labor Day weekend.   

It has been quite a week, working on final matters regarding Belize before the October 1 transition date to Associate Missionary status, and for other areas of ministry as well. 

Lydia had a great birthday.

The countdown continues....
1) Prayers for guidance on the path ahead are still appreciated, including a smooth transition. We have some plans in the works, and also for people in Belize in the wake of my departure. I think everything is in really good shape, as the timing was good. There are a few loose ends. 

2) For the wrapping up of the distance learning program. This will be on-going after October 1 for one student, and I anticipate to the end of the year.

3) For the transition of the Diocese of Belize Web site from the temporary one that I have been maintaining, to the creation of a new one (I will be on-call to help out with this transition possibly even for months after October 1st). The Web site up as a subject the week before last, I believe.

4) For the publication of the Spanish Prayer Book, most likely in September. 

5) For the Holy Spirit's guidance as to what to say in our final monthly newsletter.

6) To discern what Jesus may be saying in terms of a ministry prayer support team beyond October 1st, as our adventure in ministry continues in a new direction.

Thank you for being faithful with us through the years. We have been thankful for your prayers.  

I continue to pray for you, every day.
God bless you,
Fr. Shaw, and on behalf of Rev. Julie.

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