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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prayer Mail

Dear Prayer Partners,
Peace be with you.
This is our public prayer mail for this week.


1. The big news this week is that we have decided to extend our stay at the missionary program for another month; as far as I know, the news is not official yet, but should be, soon. Note that this is under Thanksgivings. We are getting a lot out of the program. On weekends, we get out and about. Getting out and about, too, is a thanksgiving, and you may find some of our weekend photos on Facebook.

2. For the missionary conference that SAMS invited us to this week; SAMS invited us in the middle of the week; the conference took place in California on the weekend. It was awesome, and I realized, once again, how much of a positive impact all our daughters have had throughout the Anglican Communion. Now, we are getting to be known as "the parents of..."

3. That necessary repairs have been made to the kitchen that we use, and I learned a lot about plumbing in the process. Also, that the air conditioning filter in our unit was changed; the filter was grim.


1. For our totally awesome missionary program. We have finished up week four. We plan to return to New York State in early Novemember. This past week, we found out that one month is typically planned to be about half-way through, funds permitting.

2. For Lydia's continuing adjustment to college and to the US in general, and to life away from Mom and Dad. Pray that she would find a good church fit.

3. For continuing discernment, as we begin to look beyond the missionary program, taking into account the things that we are learning here.

4. That we would continue to be a blessing to all whom we encounter. God is really answering prayers here.

God bless you. I pray for you every day.


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