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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prayer Mail

Dear praying friends,
This is our public prayer mail for this week.

It is a Mudge Missions Sunday:

1) Julie and I had the first of our (post site-visit) mission presentations today, at St. Timothy's, Westford. It was a great service and presentation. Parish attendance increased by 10% today.

2) Hannah and Christina launched the Oaks of Righteousness ministry in its new downtown Troy location. Saturday, I had taken some photos of Troy for the use in their ministry. Julie had brought some furniture from her parents for the Oaks of Righteousness ministry to use. It is an awesome ministry.


Thank you to St. Matthew's in Unadilla for inviting us to make our missions presentation, a while ago in January, on the eve of our departure for our short-term mission trip.


1) Upcoming planned mission presentations:
March 17: Metropolitan Deanery Convocation, St. Paul's, Troy
March 18: Christ Church, Coxsackie
March 25: St. John's, Ogdensburg
March 28: Trinity, Lansingburgh

2) We are in negotiations as to which site is the best mission site for us in Africa; we want it to be a good fit. So far, we are East Africa bound, and the specific details should become clearer shortly.

3) For Lydia.

4) For the mission planning and preparation phase that we are entering.

5) For all the people we visited in Uganda and Kenya, and the hopes and needs that they have.

6) For our mission site negotiations.

7) For increases in pledges in support of our mission venture. Particularly pray for those people looking for a mission opportunity like ours to support, that the Lord would connect them with us. Prayers for an increase of regular monthly support would be helpful, also.

8) That we would be the missionaries that God has called us to be, to spread the Gospel, and to help grow the church with our brothers and sisters in Christ, wherever we might be.

9) We are thinking about doing a Diocese of Albany convention workshop. Your prayers about that would be appreciated.

Your prayers are particularly important for us, and I pray for you, every day.

God bless you,
Shaw+ and Julie+

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