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Friday, April 27, 2012

April Newsletter

Plan B.

For family reasons, our missionary plans have taken a new and positive turn in the past few weeks. This turn of events is our Plan B: on-line education, otherwise known as eLearning.

This eLearning is a great way to do missionary work, cutting down some of the risks of danger, such as less exposure to malaria mosquitoes or minimizing the threats of civil unrest, and all the while being available to minister to important family needs in this country.

Under Plan B, we would teach theological courses from the U.S. to students on another continent. Until this morning, our focus for eLearning had been entirely on East Africa. But as of this morning, there is a possibility that we may be missionaries to Central America and East Africa at the same time.

Wow! That sure beats the long voyage to distant parts of the world by sailing ship, in the 18th century, to accomplish the same thing. And it only takes a fraction of the time.

We would still need to make annual short-term trips to the varying locations: as site visits and potentially to teach intensive courses. We continue as missionaries of SAMS and of the Diocese of Albany, so we continue to need your support in prayer and in finances to be able to do this.

Our upcoming plans for mission presentations and updates, during May, are:

May 6: Christ Church, Ballston Spa.
May 13: St. Mary's, Lake Luzerne
May 20: Christ Church, Schenectady (Shaw),
and Grace Church, Waterford (Julie)
May 27: Trinity, Watervliet

Ways to support us.

Your prayers and financial support make a tremendous difference for us, as well as a tremendous difference in the lives of the people whom we would serve.

Please make checks out to: "SAMS", and put "Mudge" in the memo space. The mailing address is: SAMS, P. O. Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003-0399.

We would be delighted if you would visit our booth at Diocesan Convention, and attend our workshop about missionary "do's and don'ts".

God bless you,

Shaw+ and Julie+
Missionaries of the Diocese of Albany, serving
with SAMS.

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