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Monday, August 13, 2012

Prayer Mail

Dear praying partners,

This is our weekly public prayer mail.

This week's update:

1) Regarding Cursillo: we had a great teaming meeting on Saturday; the presenters are top notch; the music team is a very good one. The Couples weekend begins on Thursday.

2) Regarding Belize:
I have continued to work on the structure for the Fall courses, covering the months of September through December, as well as developing another important administrative document for the Diocese of Belize.

I have contacted and begun enrolling the 20+ prospective Anglican students in the various programs.

This week we received the news, as per the Diocesan Office in Belize, that additionally, there may be a few Methodists in Belize who may be enrolling in the courses.

3) We had a great time today at both services at Calvary Church in Burnt Hills.

Prayer requests:

1) For the Cursillo Couples weekend this week. Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to touch lives through us in a mighty way.

2) For the preparations for the Fall courses; the Orientation Course begins on September 1st.

3) For future parish visits. We are entertaining requests for parish visits in late September, and also October, November, and December.

4) For Lydia as she prepares for her return to college at the end of August.

5) For Hannah in Uganda. We hear great reports.

God bless you, and thank you for praying for us. Your prayers are very important for us, and I pray for you every day.

In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+
SAMS missionaries, as well as missionaries of the Diocese of Albany
Serving globally.

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