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Friday, November 1, 2013

Special Update

Dear friends,
I am sending you a special update from my trip in Belize; I am now back. 

Despite Yahoo not wanting to recognize me in Belize and the heavy torrential downpours, it was wonderful in the full sense of the word. Thank you for your prayers. In many many deep and meaningful ways, your prayers were critical to the trip. Travel was safe and timely, both on the ground and in the air. Meetings, talks, and events coming together were divinely orchestrated.

Attached is a photo from Belize Cursillo # 10. A truly joyful event with truly awesome people. 
This trip, Bishop Philip has made me an advisor to him, concerning people in the ordination track in the Diocese of Belize. He will be sending out a notice about this to the clergy of the Diocese of Belize, shortly.

Your prayers would be appreciated for my following upcoming trips to Belize; most of this has been at the request of Bishop Philip:

a) Clergy retreat in Belize, first week in Advent (this is new for me), 2013
b) SAMS retreat (organized by SAMS) which now may be coupled with a separate Diocese of Belize agenda for myself towards the end of January, 2014 (meeting with the Chair of the Commission on Ministry)
c) Clergy retreat in Belize, after Ash Wednesday (this is new for me), 2014
d) Trip during vocation month, after Ascension Day 2014

Additional meetings (also new): Bishop Philip, those in the ordination track, and myself plan to have monthly meetings relating to clerical vocation (I would be joining them by Skype). The Internet makes this possible.

It is my hope to visit at least one parish in the south of Belize in an upcoming trip. Your prayers for the plans of this trip would be appreciated.

Pray also for those in the ordination process in Belize, as they prepare for their future. Pray that my role in their lives may be according to God's strategic plan for the Diocese of Belize.

There are many people waiting to talk with me or hear from me in the wake of this trip for a number of reasons. Pray that I contact each one in a timely manner, and as appropriate, set up meetings and appointments as the Holy Spirit leads.

God bless you,

Shaw, and on behalf of Julie
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