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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Newsletter





One of our missionary goals is to help Bishop Philip of Belize implement his diocesan vision of the work for the Kingdom of God, a task he has assigned to Shaw in various ways over recent months.

Among the ways he is doing this are: 1) as an advisor to Bishop Philip, 2) helping people with the ordination process, 3) as a retreat leader for the diocesan clergy and staff, and 4) in my role as Director of the ATI online program (the ATI online program is the theological college of the Diocese of Belize).

Because Belize is a pastoral size diocese, "how many" people go through the ordination process is not as important as "who" is going through the ordination process. The process is based on diocesan need, great or small, and every candidate has an important potential contribution to make to mission and ministry in the Diocese of Belize.

In the ATI program, itself, we have been assisted by people on the ground in Belize, and people elsewhere in the world. If you have seen the acknowledgements page of our public Web site, you will have noticed a list of about 25 or so individuals and dioceses who have helped make this possible, pro bono. We share a common vision.

But we are also curious about how many people might be taking advantage of what we have to offer on our public Web site. So, about a week ago, we added a counter to that Web site and discovered that 23 unique visitors have been taking a look at the theological library Web site just this week, with 86 hits on the Web site from those 23 visitors. That is very encouraging.

You play a part in making this vision for the Kingdom of God happen, as well. We can't thank you enough for your part through prayer, financial support, and/or in other ways.

And, looking ahead, 2014 should be another year of adventure. 

Ways to support us.

Your prayers and financial partnering with us help make this ministry happen.  

Please make checks out to: "SAMS", and put "Mudge" in the memo space. The mailing address is: SAMS, P. O. Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003-0399.

Merry Christmas, and in Jesus' Name, God bless you,

Missionary in Belize. December photo of Fr. Shaw Mudge, taken by Rudolph Gladden of the diocesan office in Belize.

The Revs. Shaw and Julie Mudge Missionaries of SAMS and Albany. 

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