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Monday, July 21, 2014

July Newsletter

Walking Together.

Photo to be posted later.

Anglican Cathedral College youth,
St. John the Baptist, Cathedral, Belize City,
Belize, Central America.
Photo: Fr. Shaw Mudge (c) 2014.

Sometimes people come to us with tears in their eyes, thankful for what we have done. (For various reasons, I have to be careful what I put in print.)

They are very interested in what we are doing. For example, I have been hearing lately that the work I do in the ordination process has been appreciated by various cultural groups in Belize.

And this is what one person said: "I am so glad you are helping us with our ordination process." And the person's eyes moistened. Short. Succinct. To the Point. A focus on the future.

From my perspective, just looking into the person's eyes was overwhelming.

This is walking together in ministry, a team effort, collaboration. Walking together has helped us in many other ways, such as producing courses and writing translations.


Please pray and continue to make checks out to: "SAMS". Put "Shaw and Julie Mudge" in the memo, to support what we are doing.

Mailing address:
SAMS, P. O. Box 399,
Ambridge, PA 15003-0399.
Or on-line, at  

 Let us imagine the future together.

Take a moment and imagine the value of your partnering with us in our future mission work for the students, vocational ministers, people in the ordination process, and the Diocese of Belize.

Take a moment and imagine the value of your partnering with us, and the subsequent ripple effect throughout the Caribbean and Central America, in general.

Imagine all of us making a difference together because of your contribution to our efforts. This kind of imagining is walking together in mission. It can be a very fruitful exercise.

Thank you for your collaborative support, for walking together with our mission work into the future as we make disciples who make a difference.

God bless you,

Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.

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