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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Prayer Mail July 8

Dear partners in prayer,
This is our public prayer mail for July 8. 
This week's selective overview: 
I continue with ongoing projects related to Belize. The text book matter is being sorted out; thank you for your prayers!

Course development in English continues; Spanish version development to resume next month.
Prayer requests:
1) Pray for everything that is mission related in our family... for the timing of my next trip to Belize, for the course I am currently preparing, for the students, people in vocational and ordination paths, and my role in that. Pray for the ordination process in Belize, that it would progress in God's timing, and that people would be ordained in God's timing. Pray for the Book of Common Prayer project in Spanish. Pray for course development work in Spanish.
2) Pray for our pending move to Manchester in August and Julie's winding down of her CPE program over the next few weeks.
3) Pray for Lydia's Bridger Missions training in two weeks.
4) Pray for my Mom, her plans, her doctors and their advice, and our role in all of this. She continues to recover well.
God bless you.
In Christ,

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