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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Newsleter November 2014


As a missionary, I am called to do many unexpected ministries, sometimes at the last minute. Flexibility is a important part of being a missionary.

Here are some of situations I have found myself in, recently, in Belize:

An unplanned hospital visitation opportunity with Bishop Philip, that came up during an unplanned dinner engagement.

An unplanned celebration of the Holy Eucharist in a rural parish. The Celebrant was not feeling well, and during the passing of the peace, he asked me to fill for him for the rest of the service.

An unplanned celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the Cathedral during a Wednesday morning service for about 400 high school students. I had been invited simply to introduce a new deacon to the students at the beginning of the service. About five minutes before the service began, I found out that I was to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. As I was beginning to process into the service, I found out that I was to preach.

Asked to attend a retreat. As the retreat date loomed closer, I was asked to share in the leading of the retreat. In the final days before the retreat, I found out that I was leading the first half of the retreat, alone.

Putting together a verbal presentation weeks in advance of the presentation deadline. Based on newly updated instructions, changing this to a 15 minute facilitators presentation the Monday before the presentation was to be given. Based on further updated instructions on Monday, creating my own 5 to 10 minute video as the initial part of the presentation, in time for an impromptu facilitators meeting on Tuesday. Making additional video modifications on Tuesday, based on updated information at the Tuesday meeting.

And here is the punch line with each of these unexpected ministries. They turned out wonderfully, and I attribute that outcome to several factors, especially your prayers.

God bless you,
Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.


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The offertory being sung in Garifuna at the Diocese of Belize Synod; photo taken by Fr. Shaw Mudge. (c) 2014.

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