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Monday, November 17, 2014

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,

This is our public prayer mail for Tuesday November 18.

I have been working on teaching notes for at least two courses in the midst of many other things.

I have been pleased by the renewed and new interest in what is happening in Belize.

Prayer requests:
1) Preparation of the next people/person to be ordained Deacon in Belize in early 2015, and for the preparation of those who would be ordained priests in late 2015.

2) For God's timing of my visits to Belize in 2015, for my work in the U.S. for the Diocese of Belize, and for my work while in Belize. That the diocesan office move in Belize City would go smoothly. Please pray for the course work I am preparing. I am working on two at the moment, and have about three in the wings.

3) For contributions and parish visitations. There has been an increase of late. This is very good.

4) For the preparation for upcoming courses and the completion of the Spanish Prayer Book. The Bishops of the Province of the West Indies are meeting this week, I understand, and will be reviewing the materials submitted thus far in preparation for the Provincial Synod next year.

5) For God's provision for all our needs both here and abroad, including the sale of our dwelling in Wynantskill.

6) For Lydia as she prepares for Honduras.

God bless you,

Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ and Lydia
I pray for you every day.

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