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Monday, December 15, 2014

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,

This is our public prayer mail for Tuesday December 14.

Have a blessed Third Week in Advent.

There has been a lot going on in the course development area this week, and in ministry in general. 

Prayer requests:
1) For ordinations in 2015. We wait upon word from the Commission on Ministry in Belize. 

2) For God's timing of my visit to Belize in February. I plan to be making airline ticket reservations in the next few weeks.

3) For my mission work.

4) For the completion of the Spanish Prayer Book.

5) For God's provision for all our needs both here and abroad, including the sale of our dwelling in Wynantskill. 

6) For Lydia as she prepares for Honduras.

7) For family members who are making important decisions.

In Jesus' Name,

Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ and Lydia
I pray for you every day.

Making Disciples Who Make a Difference. 

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