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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends in Prayer,
Peace be with you.
This is our public prayer mail for this week.

Update, during this past week:

Lydia has been launched! She began her wilderness experience program yesterday.

Prayers, for this coming week:

1) For Lydia this week. Her pre-orientation wilderness program in the Adirondacks continues. We reconnect with her in Massachusetts about the 18th, for orientation.

2) For preparations for Julie and my travel and schedule over the next month or so, including visits with friends and relatives in Connecticut and Maine. Preparations for the subsequent missionary program in California.

3) Remaining Gordon college details to take care of, this week, as well as some things to do around the home.

4) Reuniting with more items which have arrived from South America.

Your prayers make a difference, and I pray for you daily.

God bless you.
In Christ,
Shaw, and on behalf of Julie and Lydia.

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