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Thursday, November 10, 2011

October November Newsletter

Julie smiling at the SAMS Office


In January, Shaw had a word from the Lord that our time was drawing to a close in Peru. Jesus was drawing us forward to a new assignment. During the intervening months, as events unfolded, we have been discerning what shape our missionary ministry would take, and now, after talking with SAMS this month, we are exploring several possibilities on at least two continents that would fit that criteria. The two month missionary program in California was particularly helpful in this discernment process.

Why Missionaries Make Transitions.

Missionaries make transitions for a number of reasons:
Jesus just calls you elsewhere
Changes in situation on the ground
Key transition point in the family
Turns out that it wasn’t a good match of people, expectations, or skills
Difficulty in making necessary cultural adjustments/ in learning the language
The job gets done – time for a new assignment!

We are at a key juncture for us as a family. Lydia is launched at college. As parents, it has been important to be around while she adjusts to college life. To that end, while we explore missionary options, we will continue to be in close contact throughout the critical months.

This is a key juncture for both of us as a married couple. We always felt we were a strong couple, yet we have drawn much closer to each other in the process. We never thought that there could be so much more. Our time in the US and in the missionary program in California, in particular, has been important catalysts for this great phase of our marriage.

On the ground in South America, we could see that the job that we came to do had started to become redundant in December 2010. One potential implication was that the sudden emergence of on-line education would make it possible to expand seminary classes across any country and across both North and South America. If so, by sharing all the countries' seminary professors, fewer full-time faculty members like ourselves would be needed in any one country.

All this seemed to confirm that the word from the Lord was timely.

Prayer concerns:

Funds: We need your support more than ever. Between the time of transition and the missionary program in California, our account has gotten quite low. We will need to build up funds again before we can go out.

Please keep us in prayer for a good fit for the next SAMS assignment on our path with Jesus.

God bless you, and thank you for your continuing support! I pray for you, every day.

Shaw+ and Julie+

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