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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prayer Mail

Dear Prayer friends,
This is this week's public prayer mail.

Current events:

We have finalized what we need to do for our site-visit trip to equatorial East Africa on Monday.

Prayer requests:

a) That Lydia would do well this semester.

b) That everything be done to the glory of God in our visit, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus' name, that lives would be changed by our visit, and that the Church be built up as a result of the decisions to be made.

c) For safe and timely travel, good physical health, spiritual protection, that all logistical matters go well, and that resources be made available as needed.

d) For adequate communication links.

e) For discernment about an appropriate long-term site.

Hopefully, we shall be able to keep in touch during our trip. If not, please keep praying this prayer mail until our return.

Thank you for praying for us. Your prayers make a difference.

God bless you,
Shaw+ and Julie+

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