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Saturday, March 16, 2013


“Dr. Mudge, I presume.”

Next month, I travel from Ogdensburg, New York, to Kasulu, Tanzania. Kasulu is located in northwestern Tanzania, just south of Burundi, and nearby the Congo.

That is the area of the world, particularly the town of Ujiji, where Mr. Stanley, a reporter for a New York newspaper, met Dr. Livingstone, and uttered the famous words: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume.” That was in 1871.

Things have changed since Dr. Livingstone was involved with the abolition of the slave trade in that part of Africa, but that is the part of Africa where I will be going in April, to visit Kasulu Bible College in Kasulu.

At Kasulu Bible College I plan to get to know the area and the people, including Principal Daudi, and reacquaint myself with Bp. Makaya of the Diocese of Western Tanganyika. I hope to learn some Swahili, as well.

Our online program currently includes Belize, and with this upcoming trip, we are about to embark on an extension with Kasulu Bible College (a regional seminary). We plan to offer courses to students at Kasulu Bible College. As in Belize, this will be something visionary.

Where does our support come from? Most of our annual income comes from contributions to SAMS. Every contribution is important. We raise the rest of our support in other ways, as we can.

We are a fully involved missionary activity wherever we are because of the way the Internet works. We would like to schedule a visit to your parish later in the year, to talk about what we are doing and as an update.

Contributions to SAMS for our missionary support goes for both our living and missionary expenses in the US and mission expenses in other countries, just as if we were full-time living in another country.

Ways to support us.

Your prayers and financial support make the online educational ministry happen. Thank you.

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God bless you,
Shaw+ and Julie+
The Rev. Dr. Shaw Mudge
The Rev. Julia Mudge
Missionaries of SAMS and Albany.
                                                          The Last Supper, Tanzanian style.

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