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Monday, March 4, 2013

Prayer Mail

Dear partners in prayer,
This is our weekly public prayer mail.
We hope you are having a blessed Lent.

This week's overview:

1) Sometimes there is unexpected drama on the mission field, such as happened this past week when the week began with the news that a key person (for us, on the ground in the Belize) had been successfully airlifted to the US. He had suddenly and unexpectedly come down with a disease that could have left him completely paralyzed and even dead. But due to prayer and medical intervention, he did not die. Rather, he is on the mend.

2) Julie and I had a delightful visit with Bp. Makaya of the Diocese of Western Tanganyika, this morning. There is great interest in my upcoming mission trip to Tanzania.

3) We are moving forward with the logistics for the various matters and trips in front of us over the next few months.

4) I am awaiting a few more of the reference letters for the fellowship that I have mentioned. Your prayers would be appreciated for that application. Several people have been helpful in supporting me in this, already. Thank you.

Prayer requests:

1) For the students and their families, may the Holy Spirit transform, heal them, and empower them for ministry by what they learn and by what we teach. Pray that they make time in their busy schedules for what God wants them to do.

2) For North Country plans, as well as travel plans for the SAMS missionary retreat in early April, Western Tanganyika in late April, Belize in mid-May, and Albany Diocesan Convention in June.

3) For our parish visitation schedule, that we be in the right place at the right time, and that people may be inspired by what we do. For all that we need to do in Ogdensburg that it be done to the glory of God.

4) For a resolution to the persistent health insurance issue, God's way.

God bless you, and thank you for praying. I pray for you every day.

In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+

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