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Friday, August 16, 2013

August Newsletter

We are gathering the flock, so to speak, coming back from the summer hiatus, moving from "break" mode to "school" mode. Those of us who were in charge of various aspects of the courses, were busy with program matters through most of this time.

Actually, because our participants are relatively near the equator in both Central America and East Africa, there is only rainy season and dry season (Spring and Fall do not exist in the way that we understand them in the United States). Belize and Tanzania have their respective rainy seasons at different times of the year. 

Our program was not idle over the break. Some of our courses have been available over the break. We have been keeping up with students taking those courses. At the same time, we have been in the final stages of developing the next courses that will be introduced over the coming months.

It is all dependent on God's grace, love, and mercy. For example, the people we work with are usually getting along, but sometimes life intervened, and an unexpected major illness became a potential impediment for some people, a threat to their continuing in the program. Sin, because of the other kind of  "Fall", tried to put up a roadblock.

And at the moment when apparent catastrophe struck, our students tended to fall back on their spiritual resources. For confidential reasons I do not mention names, but think of all the men as represented by the name "Fred" and all the women as represented by the name "Frederica." Pray for them. God's grace pulled them through.

Some were faced with nearly death- embracing set backs, but true to form, by the mercy and love of God, they were resilient. A key factor was determination: when faced with potential death issues, they decided that living for the Gospel was a better deal than dying. Alleluia! Alleluia!
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God bless you in Jesus' Name,

Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+
The Rev. Dr. Shaw Mudge
The Rev. Julia Mudge
Missionaries of SAMS and Albany.  

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