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Friday, August 16, 2013

Prayer Mail August 14

Dear partners in prayer,
This is our weekly public prayer mail.  

This week's selective overview: 

1) Registration continues for our fall courses, the first of which begins on Saturday, August 31st.

2) In theory we have been on vacation in Maine (and for the most part, that is true). Our mission and ministry base camp has traveled with us, as needed.

3) Information about the Belize Cursillo # 10 in October has been coming in; there has been a sorting out of the date this week, now scheduled for late October.

4) We have had an opportunity to meet with fellow African missionaries this past weekend, stateside, and our series of rendezvous continue with other African missionaries this week. 

Prayer requests:

1) I have been asked to contribute a daily devotion to the upcoming Trinity School of Ministry devotional, an edition focused on contributions by missionary alumni. Pray that I would find just the right words to say.

2) Pray for the program's participants and contributors (present and future). Some participants are having real struggles, such as major physical ailments. Pray for healing and perseverance.

3) Pray for our transition, this week: from Maine, to New York, to Hartford. We are going to be splitting our USA time between Hartford, Connecticut, and Albany area, New York. Praise God that we can connect with both the Diocese of Belize and the Diocese of Western Tanzania from either US location. 

4) Pray for a smooth installation of our Internet access in Hartford this week.

5) Pray for our elderly relatives, and the grace and patience (that it takes at times) to work with them.

6) Continue to pray for upcoming parish visits.

7) Continue to pray for the online program course development.

In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ 

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