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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


On Sunday, someone asked me how many students we have. That is a reasonable question in a traditional school setting.

For online education in Belize, it is a bit more complicated than that. The traditional program had not been continuous in operation in recent years. Our subsequent online program has enabled more continuity, but on a non-traditional basis.

A) Opportunity: as per Bishop Philip of Belize, the potential online enrollment is the entire Anglican Church in Belize, that is, those above high school age, generally.

Challenge: there is typically a 90% drop-out rate in theological colleges in South and Central America.

B) Factor out the people who do not access the Internet. Yet, we make hard copies of materials available for them.

C) High school "age" is a bit interesting, seeing that the average person in Belize is rumored to have at least an 8th grade education. So, the focus is on high school "age" and not on high school "educational level." Study skills can be an issue for some. English can be an issue for some. Most students speak English in addition to English Kriol. Some speak Guatemalan Spanish.

D) And then, there are additional potential ecumenical students with diocesan approval, such as Methodists.

E) Of the participants, they could be in an ordination process, pursuing a vocational ministry in the Diocese, or taking courses at their own pace for their own needs.

F) The students are spread across a spectrum of courses, for a variety of reasons. Some take longer to finish than others. Some have medical challenges. Some have job changes, or other life challenges. The program is designed for them to pick up the 24/7 courses at any time they can resume, any month, any year. Part of our ministry is a ministry of encouragement and mentoring to them. Courses resume at any time of life.
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The Revs. Shaw and Julie Mudge Missionaries of SAMS and Albany.  
Lay evangelist, Kasulu, Tanzania.
Photo provided by Fr. Shaw Mudge.

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