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Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Newsletter

Mudge Missionary Newsletter. May 2014. Making Disciples Who Make a Difference.

A great team with whom to work.

We have a great team of volunteer faculty who help make the online portion of what I do a success. To date, there are three English speaking faculty and the latest faculty member to join us (this month) is bilingual (English being his second language). We are building a stronger base to expand into the Spanish speaking regions around us in neighboring countries to Belize, in addition to a stronger mission outreach to the Belizean hispanohablante community, itself. Thus, we are all a part of a greater global network, for each of the faculty also teaches or is in the process of teaching in a seminary environment in other countries around the world
while working with us.

God bless you in Jesus' Name,

Church of the Province of the West Indies prayer books and bibles.

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