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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Prayer Mail

Dear partners in prayer,
This is our public prayer mail for May 20. 
Happy Easter season!  
This week's selective overview: 
I have arrived in Belize, and Bishop Philip has a full agenda for me. We have had some changes in the schedule already. Flexibility, Organization, and sense of humor - vital for missionaries. So is the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Yesterday, I attended a workshop for Catechists and Youth Chaplains, had a meeting with a person in the ordination process (including an interview over dinner with both spouses). Have been catching up with submitted documentation for various people in the ordination process. 
Students consider our online program vital. And many more people seem interested in our public links as well as our courses, especially for learning about Anglicanism, whether in ordination or licensing processes or just for their own personal improvement. So, I am factoring the particular interests into what is ahead. Meanwhile, in another part of the world, our Spanish Anglican focus has begun active development this week.
Back in Belize, as part of my constantly morphing schedule, yesterday, the Bishop sought my opinion on a matter, and I had a briefing on recent developments. 
I introduced the Bishop and attendees at the workshop to the Anglican Daily Office Web site that I created over the past few weeks, to help people with Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer according to the rites and holy days of the Church in the Province of the West Indies (creation is still in process, but a great deal has been completed). 
Touched base with students. I also talked about aspects of the vocational and ordination processes, and what we offer as a help to folks. 
Always a joy to catch up with lay people and clergy, here. Today, touched based with quite a few people at the Cathedral in Belize City, more people in the vocational and ordination processes, including an update on a business venture. Touched base with Cursillistas. Prayed for healing for perhaps 50 people, individually, at the 6:30 am and 8:30 am Cathedral healing services. Gave about 25 young people individual blessings. 
Discovered that my 5 minute address to teachers at an Anglican school last visit was remembered to this day and was considered quite good. Praise God. I was asked to address the 7:30 am assembly tomorrow at the same Anglican school.
And today is only half-over. There is quite a bit to go.
Discovered that a person that I had prayed for who had a stroke the last time I was here, is up and about so well (and having seen the person today), I would not have known that that person had had a stroke. Praise God.
My agenda this trip is unfolding hour by hour. My frequent trips to Belize are making me a regular in the Diocese, in a very positive way. It is always interesting. The Holy Spirit is very much part of this trip. Thank you for your prayers and your support. 
Prayer requests:
1) Pray for the trip, for accomplishing what the Holy Spirit would guide those of us involved to do. Safe and timely travel would be good prayer. We are leaving scheduling in God's hands.
2) Pray for the course development work, teaching workload, ministry opportunities, people considering lay vocations, students and faculty. Pray for program discussions that may be taking place in Kasulu, Tanzania, this week.
3) Pray for Julie and my our upcoming plans and for our parish visitation schedule. We will have a booth at the Diocese of Albany Convention. Drop by the booth.
4) I have heard two stories about theft, since my arrival. One in Belmopan and one in Belize City. Please pray for those involved: thieves, victims, and the authorities.
5) Tensions may be running a bit high over certain issues across the country. Pray that God's plans for everyone in the country would prevail.
6) Pray for people in Belize who need the Holy Spirit's guidance and Jesus' healing touch. It is part of what we do, praying for folks, and here is an opportunity for you (as you desire) to enter into this aspect of our mission work as a ministry prayer partner with us.
Thank you, and God bless you.


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