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Friday, June 27, 2014

Lydia and Bridger Missions

Dear Friends,

We have received an inquiry as to what Lydia's missionary "Bridger" status means.

Bridger missions: SAMS has several missionary categories including the missionary bridger category. The Web page for the Bridger category can be found: HEREA Missionary Bridger generally serves up to a year (or perhaps more). The ministry length and opportunities depend on the assignment. And there are many ways one might serve as a Bridger. 

Lydia: after her Bridger missions training in Ambridge, PA, from July 20 to 23 (after which her photo would probably appear on the SAMS Bridger missionary list), Lydia plans to be serving in Honduras, perhaps as soon as September or October (recent news). Lydia is planning to help with orphans. As with any SAMS missionary, she raises funds to support her budget, and she must participate in missionary training. An advantage that Lydia has is that she has been on the mission field before (she is a second generation missionary).

I hope this has been helpful.

God bless you,

Shaw, and on behalf of Lydia. 

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