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Sunday, August 16, 2015


Mudge Making a Difference Newsletter. 
August 2015. 

Nativity set for sale in Guatemala during June. Photo copyright Fr. Shaw Mudge, 2015.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Missionary.

A question is whether missionaries actually have typical days. But, let us imagine that today I am in San Ignacio, Belize (C.A.), in June. I would rise about 3:30 am, shower, do some Internet work in the cool of the day for a few hours while the Internet works, perhaps a bit before sunrise, and work on a sermon. In rainy season (read: “hurricane season”), this time of day might be accompanied by a quiet drizzle or a floor-board-vibrating thunderstorm.

Let’s assume a dry day. I take a break and walk to the KO-OX HANNAH restaurant in San Ignatio, about 6:15 am, for breakfast, where Christian praise music is playing in Spanish while I eat breakfast of scrambled eggs mixed with chaya, stewed-bean sauce, and salsa. Then, I am off for the day, working on the online education program that I have put together, meeting with people related to the ordination process. Attend to meetings. Have lunch at a parishioner’s family style restaurant, suddenly surrounded (while I eat) by five elementary school children who compete to show me their missing front teeth. (They like me.)

After lunch (and since I only eat two full meals a day), I venture to the open market and buy 10 bananas (5 cents each) for snacks. It is now about 80 degree heat and 90% humidity. Then on to the afternoon and evening activities as had, perhaps choir practice and Bible study.

 At some point, I notice that the ants that like to invade the kitchen have been thrawted on this occasion by my creating an island of fruit in a pan surrounded by water (a pan in a moat of water, within another pan). And that is all I have space for, today.

Your financial partnership with us and your prayer partnership with us are making a difference, filling real needs, and are appreciated in support of these missionary adventures. God bless you all, and thank you for your support,

Fr. Shaw, and on behalf of Mtr. Julie.
Examining Chaplain, Diocese of Belize SAMS missionaries.
From San Ignacio, Belize Support.

 Please pray and continue to make checks out to: "SAMS". Put "Shaw and Julie Mudge" in the memo, to support what we are doing. Your continued support makes the work in Belize possible. Mailing address: SAMS, P. O. Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003-0399. Or on-line, at

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