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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,  

This is our public prayer mail for Tuesday 25 August 2015. 

Among the highlights of this past week: 

1) I am in the middle of creating the A200 General Church History and Liturgy online course, 24/7 version. 

2) The Holy Spirit is doing something dynamic at St. Paul's in Brookfield, CT. Your prayer support has been important.

3) The online faculty situation has worked itself out, better than the original plan.

4) I have been given the opportunity to make a presentation on global mission at St. James in Farmington, CT in November. 

5) Friends of ours at St. Paul's in Brookfield  will be heading for Tanzania in September, regarding the beefing of up the Kasulu Bible College online infrastructure; and at the same time they plan to be looking at ways that our online program might be used more profitably at the Bible College, now that there has been a change of administration, there.  

6) It is interesting doing support-raising for our SAMS missions work here at various parishes in Connecticut, via the opportunity to do supply work on Sundays; in many cases the supply renumeration itself is the support. At the same time, there is a bond created across parishes in Connecticut through such sentiments as, "I remember you...", "I know your mother....", "I knew your father," and "I recognize your name. Did you use to work at.....?" 


1) For the Pastoral Ministry course which begins this coming Saturday. There seems to be a conflict between the Interactive course time and the Cursillo planning meeting, and some students are participating in the Cursillo weekend. Welcome to missionary life. 

Fortunately, the online program has the flexibility to make interactive materials available to students in 24/7 format, so I am fine either way, and I have offered to meet with students at a different time if that would be helpful to them. 

I simply keep going forward. Pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance in the matter. Knowing Belize, I am confident that it will all work out to the glory of God in the end. 

2) Pray for the continuing online seminary education program in Belize that all would be done to God's glory, for our ministry fruitfulness and for the students, faculty, parish clergy, Commission on Ministry members, and diocesan staff involved. 

3) Pray for the people in the ordination process and my role as Examining Chaplain. Hopefully, more ordinations will be in the works.

4) Please pray for the developments at Kasulu Bible College, and for what the Holy Spirit has in mind for us, there.

5) Pray for the October trip to Belize. I plan to be making my flight reservations next week, after confirmation of plans from the Bishop of the Diocese of Belize. The next planning stage for the Cursillo weekend begins this coming weekend. Please keep the weekend and the planning in your prayers.

6) For the ongoing Belizean projects, including the Prayer Book printing and theological library plans.  

7) Pray that I would listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit on what to say and do in the next several months, especially at St. Paul's in Brookfield (CT), St. Mary's in Manchester (CT), Trinity in Tariffville (CT), St. James in Farmington (CT), and at the Cursillo Weekend in the Belmopan area of Belize.

8) Please keep various family members in prayer about: relationships, events and appointments, decisions to make, educational goals, gainful employment, and fruitful ministry. Lydia resumes her college courses in about two weeks. Julie is finishing one Nashotah House hybrid course, just in time for the next one, as well as doing everything else she does.

Your prayers are very important. I am praying for you every day.

God bless you, 

Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.

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