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Friday, October 23, 2015

Trip Update

Dear Friends,

Belize Mission trip 12 moves forward.

Today, I met with our English guests, the Bishop, and members of the Commission on Ministry to discuss ordination process matters for the future. Most of the Commission could not make it because of water related issues, and finding a suitable meeting place was an issue, in part because of water related matters. We finally met in the Bishop's office. In the hopes that more of the Commission could benefit from today's discussion, another session has been scheduled for a week from Friday. It was an awesome experience. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very evident.

Clean-up continues in storm affected areas. Even though every day between now and the end of the month is supposed to include thunderstorms, what made this past weekend's rain particularly unusual was the length of time of the rain. Usually a thunderstorm pops up in the early hours of a day, and by the beginning of the commute there is a slight drizzle and that is that. What made this an exceptional storm was 16 straight hours of rain. This does not happen very often.

The Anglican Church in Belize City has been providing meals for about 289 people affected by the flood, at the urging of the government (with the government providing materials for the food).

Roads are still a bit affected by the flooding as one proceeds out of Belize City. Fortunately, there has been no river overflow because Cayo District (where the river comes from) was not really affected by the rain, and in fact, the farmers out that way are suffering from a 3 month draught that has ruined some crops.

There has been some property damage due to street flooding in general.

Two Anglican schools in Belize City may have serious leak issues in some part of their roofs. They are also cleaning up from the water having deposited mud in the classroom. Students in those situations have been sent back home until cleanup is further along. Any substantial rain is a concern for the roofs of those buildings. 

Since the waters have subsided, the weather has been reasonable.

Tomorrow we go out and about a bit farther south in Belize and return. How many places we will visit will depend on the shape of the roads. 

Thursday, I head to the Belmopan area for the Cursillo weekend. At that point you probably will not hear from me until next week some time.

God bless you, and pray for this trip in general, for travel mercies, and for the clean up.

Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.  
Belize City, Belize.

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