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Sunday, November 1, 2015


November 2015
Mudge Making a Diffference Newsletter
Belize City, Belize

 Dear Friends,

 This month, I am including excerpts from an article that I wrote about Belize Cursillo 11, October 22 to 25, entitled “The Pathway Ahead”, at the request of Bishop Philip of Belize: Cursillo weekends in the Diocese of Belize have been held every other year; this was the 11th such Cursillo weekend. Over 230 people have been on a Cursillo weekend in the Diocese of Belize at one time or another since Belize Cursillo weekend number 1, about 22 years ago.

In the tradition of Cursillo, this weekend (number eleven) was a substantial retreat, starting on a Thursday evening and continuing through a Sunday Eucharist, held this year at the Baptist Training Center in Camalote. 32 men and women arrived as candidates. They came from various parts of the Diocese, such as: St. Andrew’s in San Ignacio, Christ the King in Dangriga, St. John the Baptist in Belize City, and elsewhere. Among the candidates, there were several non-Anglican teachers from Anglican schools, whose principals had invited them to attend in order to learn more about Anglicanism. In addition to those who came, about 10 other people who were signed up for the weekend could not attend, for various reasons.

At least 24 support team members helped make the weekend a success, from preparing meals and arranging for transportation, to clearing tables, guiding the program along, and leading all aspects of the worship services. Special mention for outstanding work throughout the weekend goes to the Rev. Lynda Moguel as Spiritual Director, Mr. Austin Onyia as Lay Rector, and the music ministry from Christ the King in Dangriga (their primero and segundo drums provided the only instrumental music at the retreat). Many people had supported the weekend financially and in prayer, and quite a few had sought out participants to apply. This was a huge diocesan-wide undertaking of time, talent, and treasure, including the participation of clergy (bishop, priests, and deacons) as well as many lay people. Bishop Philip celebrated the closing Eucharist, at which time Fr. Sinclair Williams from the Diocese of North East Caribbean and Aruba (NECA) delivered a powerful sermon on the Cursillistas’ pathway forward from here. Fr. Williams received a standing ovation. Clergy and lay people delivered many excellent inspirational talks and meditations throughout the weekend, including talks related to piety, study, and action, such as the phenomenal talk by Bishop Philip on the sacramental way of life. It was brilliant. Photos which were taken during his presentation are on the Diocesan FaceBook Web page.

The official goal of Cursillo is “to Christianize our environments through apostolic action of Christian leaders in all areas of human activity.” And, this weekend was about laying a foundation for that way of life, to paraphrase what Fr. Williams eloquently and passionately stated. The people attending the weekend have made a first step in that direction. Like all spiritual disciplines, a way of life takes practice over time to become good at it. Attending Cursillo reunion groups and ultreyas can be helpful in this regard. This Cursillo weekend held up a vision of congregations making a difference in the country of Belize, transforming workplaces and communities where we live and work, one person at a time, a way of life summarized perhaps in the vision of the Diocese of Belize: “a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, vibrant, growing community of believers who are making a difference in the lives of all God's people.”

Many good testimonials came out of the weekend. Some edited comments from FaceBook about the Belize Cursillo 11 weekend include: 1) It was a beautiful and blessed experience, filled with lots of laughter and love. 2) It was a well spent four days with some good experiences, singing and praying with friends we met for the first time. 3) An awesome weekend and closing Eucharist. 4) Got to meet so many people. 5) A very powerful retreat!

Weekend number 12 is on the horizon for 2017. Cursillo is an international movement that started in the Catholic Church in Spain in the 1940s, and for many decades there has been an Anglican version (which we use) particularly in the United States since 1970, and in the U.K. since 1981. The Catholic version has been endorsed by four popes, including Pope Francis. Anglican Cursillo has been commended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as well as by the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu. Cursillo is active among Anglicans elsewhere in the Caribbean. Other versions of Cursillo have emerged over time, such as Tres Dias (generic Protestant, but used by some Anglicans) and Walk to Emmaus (Methodist, used by some Anglicans). Much information about Episcopal or Anglican Cursillo in the Caribbean, the U.K., and the U.S. can be found on the Internet.

The article above may privide you with some perspective about the context of mission work in Belize. I pray for you every day, and may God bless you in whatever you are doing, Shaw Examining Chaplain, Anglican Diocese of Belize Assistant Spiritual Director, Belize Cursillo 11 SAMS missionary Support. Please pray and continue to make checks out to: "SAMS". Put "Shaw and Julie Mudge" in the memo, to support what we are doing. Your continued support makes the work in Belize possible. Mailing address: SAMS, P. O. Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003-0399. Or on-line, at

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