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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Prayer Mail

Dear Friends,

This is our public prayer mail of Sunday, 29 November 2015, the first day of Advent. 

This week:

A) Enjoyed Thanksgiving with Julie, Hannah, and Lydia. Touched base with other family members. Brought Hannah down from Albany and returned her to Albany. 

B) Finished a family history scanning project, choosing from among materials formerly belonging to Julie's aunt (now deceased), the next step of which now involves sending 10 boxes of materials to my brother-in-law in Virginia.

C) Held an interactive preaching class on Saturday. Possible Internet disruption at the Belize end of things in the middle of it. But since this is a distance learning course, I posted my notes for students' later consumption as they are able. Regardless of what happened today, I like this course.

D) Planning for 2016 continues, one step at a time. I have had several State Department world-wide travel warnings for U.S. citizens this week. Even though I doubt I would ever run into such incidents in my own travels that these warnings are concerned about, my immediate plans do not involve airline transportation. At the moment I am busy in Connecticut with what I need to do for the Diocese of Belize in relation to my courses. 

Your prayers are requested for the following:

A) For the current preaching course that I am teaching, and course scheduling/planning for 2016. For the printing of the Spanish Prayer Book in a timely manner. 

B) For parish visitations, sermons, potential trips, and other matters over the next few months. For safe and timely travel, no matter what the mode of transportation, especially as the weather gets colder. 

C) Family members continue to face major decisions, and your prayers for all of us are always welcome on these matters both now and into 2016.  

E) For family members. For Lydia and Julie in their studies. For Christmas plans. For family members' health related issues.

F) For God's provision for all our needs.

Thank you for praying. I pray for you every day.

God bless you. 

Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.
Manchester, CT

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