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Friday, June 17, 2011

Scripture Prayer

1Samuel 3: 9

So Eli said to Samuel, “Go back and lie down. When he calls you say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.’” So Samuel went back and lay down in his place.

Lord, your servants, Father Shaw and Mother Julie Mudge, are asking that you speak clearly to them. They ask for a word of knowledge, an inflooding of Jesus’ presence and his certainty about what path to take as part of the next phase of their ministry. Just as Samuel said, “Here I am, Lord”, so the Mudges are in your presence awaiting their orders. Let them hear You calling them in the night. Paraphrasing a favorite song, “They will go, Lord, if You lead them. They will hold Your people in their hearts.” Let Your Holy Spirit guide them into the next chapter of their work for You.

And be with them, Lord, as they deal with all the minutiae of leaving Peru and coming back to the U.S. Guide them as they make arrangements for packing and luggage and apartment matters and donating books and book shelves to Bishop Michael Chapman’s ministry in Peru.

And Lord, we ask special prayers for Lydia Mudge as she graduates from high school and gets ready for college. Thank You for the part that she played in the Mudges’ Ministry in Lima, Peru. Amen.

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