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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Arrival in U.S. Message

Dear Friends in Prayer,
Peace be with you.

1) We´re back, safely. Great flights from Lima to Newark and Newark to Albany.

2) The timing of our arrival was good. We met Doris Wood and family when we arrived at the airport lobby in Albany. They had arrived about the same time that we did.

Meanwhile, Lydia met one of her homeschool friends, who was passing through the airport lobby, at the same time that we were talking with the Woods.

3) Julie and Lydia are a bit under the weather this morning. Your prayers would be appreciated.

4) Now, to continue settling in. First opportunity for growth: getting the car up and going. Tow truck arriving in about 15 minutes.

God bless you all.
Shaw, and on behalf of Julie and Lydia.

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