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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Prayer from Liv Hicks

Father, Thank You for the Mudges, we continue to ask for Your wisdom for them in glorifying You and in Your ministry that You give them to do, which includes teaching, pastoring, traveling. We ask for Your understanding for every moment, we ask for Your council when things get confused or the enemy attacks. We ask for Your power to overcome any interference, we ask for Your knowledge to continue to do Your will and to go where You want them to go and minister where You want them to minister. We ask for a continued fear of You and Your awesome abilities, and we ask for Your joy, in Shaw, Julie, Lydia, Hannah and Ruth, as they walk with You. Thank You for their gifts, for Julie's preaching, for Shaw's reports, and give Lydia good driving skills, and a kind instructor, help her pass her driving test, and keep her safe. In Christ we pray. Amen

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