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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Prayer Mail Jan 24

Dear partners in prayer,

This week's selective overview: 

1) By the time that many of you receive this, I should be in the air, headed for Belize. (Julie will have driven me to the airport at 3:30 am; pray for Julie). I have decided not to take my computer with me this time because of the projected rain and my location near the Guatemala border. So, this will be our weekly prayer mail.

2) We are planning to have a new server arrangement in the first week of February. Praise God, and a thank you to Bill Schrull! 

Prayer requests:

1) Pray for safe and timely travel and that Jesus would accomplish what he would like to do on this trip. 

2) Pray for dry weather. Pray for an absence of mosquitoes between now through Wednesday, especially an absence of the malaria and dengue fever types. Bug spray with Deet: check. Long sleeve garments: check. Hat: check. 

3) Pray for the outcomes from the meetings from recent weeks and pray for any meetings that will be taking place over the next week or so. A lot of important ground is being covered, and Julie and I sense the presence of the Holy Spirit through it all. Your prayers are very helpful. 

4) Pray for the Holy Spirit's provision and that our parish visitation schedule be his schedule. If your parish would like me to visit, please let me know.  

5) Continue to pray for my upcoming visits to Belize in March (clergy retreat and more), May (during lay vocation month), and October (diocesan Synod).

6) Continue to pray that the Holy Spirit would guide and supply the needs of: faculty, family, finances, plans, programs, diocesan plans, and parish visits.  

In Christ,

Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ 
I pray for you, everyday.

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