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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Newsletter March 2014

Making a Difference.
With Bp. Philip of Belize, at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Belize City, Belize, Lent 2014.

We are making a difference in our mission work. It has taken quite a few years to get to this point, perhaps 39+. All that preparation work was methodically and gradually working to this point, to the glory of God.

This recent trip to Belize was spectacular. As I mentioned in my prayer mails, it was awesome. People's lives changed. The spiritual atmosphere changed in several settings even as I was preaching or speaking. God is moving in Belize.

I felt like the Apostle Peter. About everywhere I went, whether at a planned event or in a passing conversation, people's lives were changed.

One person said I moved to the top of their favorite person list simply because of a casual conversation that started with a simple question that I asked; that conversation helped them move forward with their plans for job creation.

After preaching at the Cathedral, a matriarch of the congregation said "you can come back to Belize, anytime."

I could visibly see patients in a hospital change as I prayed for them.

Quoting from my prayer mails:
The mission trips over the past few months have been excellent, and this trip has been totally awesome. Ordination processes are bearing fruit. The Lord is blessing what we are doing, and I praise God for those who have been coming alongside to help. Every day is a new adventure. Every day is a walk of faith, and we are making a difference.

Made a transforming presentation on "leaders as stewards", at the diocesan Stewardship Commission commissioning.... The Bishop added me to the Stewardship Commission....

Created the Diocese of Belize Web site, and by doing so, solved a major communications problem that had been plaguing the diocese for about two months or so. Bishop Philip has asked me to become more continually involved in the diocesan Web site development....

A clergyman of a prominent parish requested that I write a summary article of the trip for the Diocesan Newspaper. In talking with Bishop Philip about the request, he reiterated that he would like me to write bulletin inserts for each Sunday of Vocation Month (May) for all the parishes in the Diocese, and added that he would like me to write a regular newsletter article for each issue of the Diocesan newspaper on "vocation and ministry".

In Jesus' Name and God bless you,

Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+
SAMS missionaries,
making a difference for the Kingdom of God. 

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