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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Prayer Mail March 5

Dear partners in prayer,
This is a public prayer mail. 

This coming Sunday, daylight savings time emerges. For students in Belize, that means that we move you from our Chicago time to our Mountain time on Sunday. So, beginning Sunday at 2 am, there will be 2 hour time difference between Belize and New York.

This week's selective overview: 

1) One course ended. Helped get a new course launched; worked on course updates.

2) Have been submitting updated assessments concerning some people in the ordination process, to the Bishop of Belize.

3) Julie and I had good missionary presentations at the Diocese of Connecticut Missions Conference on Saturday. We represented SAMS admirably. Several people were interested in what we are doing, and my illustrations of missionary life were eye opening.  

4) Sunday, I preached as part of World Mission Sunday at a parish in upstate New York. Very well received. The message application was timely for the parish. That seems to be happening rather frequently, lately: I deliver my remarks prayerfully, that (unbeknownst to me) turn out to be relevant to particular questions that people had been raising, just a day or so before. Both in Belize and the U.S. The Holy Spirit is at work. Thank you for praying.
5) How are we doing, numbers-wise? Since the beginning of Advent, 118 individual people have been exploring our Google Library links site (open to the public world-wide), 9 new people since I last mentioned it: The Moodle course site is up to 29 participants (courses are open to those with passwords). That is a very good number, up 5 more from the last time that I mentioned it.

Prayer requests:
1) For my next trip to Belize, beginning in about half a week. Whether I will have Internet access is always an interesting question. I will be on the Bishop's timetable and agenda: T.B.A. and when the time is right.

2) Pray for plans under consideration. Julie and I sense the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit through it all. Your prayers are very helpful. 
3) Pray that our parish and presentation visitation schedule be the Holy Spirit's schedule.  
4) Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide and supply the needs of: faculty, family, finances, plans, programs, diocesan plans, and parish visits.  
In Christ,
Shaw+, and on behalf of Julie+ 
I pray for you, everyday

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