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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Prayer Mail

Dear partners in prayer,
This is a public prayer mail for March 29. 

The awesome mission trip, part 2. I am attaching a summary of the trip in a newsletter format.

With the exception of my next mission trip in the second half of May, I am available up through July for missionary presentations, missionary clerical supply, and making a difference parish visits, on a first come, first served, basis. Holy Week has already been claimed.

Either contact me by phone or email. And for Diocese of Albany clergy, Julie and I will be at the clergy and spouses retreat this week, so you can contact us there. 

We will have a booth at the Diocese of Albany convention in June, and you can contact us there. 
This week's selective overview: 
Regarding the Belizean mission trip highlights:

Preached twice at the Cathedral, and in doing so, addressed a pastoral concern in my sermon for which I was uniquely the right person at the right time, an issue that had been hovering in the background for a long time. I believe the Holy Spirit was actually lifting an air of inertia from the congregation while I spoke. The congregation seemed to come alive. As a matriarch of the congregation said: "you can come back to Belize, anytime." God is moving in Belize.

This being healing Sunday, Bishop Philip and I anointed many for healing at both morning services at the Cathedral. That was a moving experience. At the second service, at a separate time, we also blessed the many children who came forward at the altar rail as a group. God is good.

Strategy planning session with Bishop Philip as to the next phase of ministry. Very awesome. 

Hospital visitations with Bishop Philip. Very moving. Very important. Made a difference in the lives of the people we visited.

Gave a brief devotional talk during the daily Morning Prayer service for teachers at the Anglican Cathedral College (elementary school). It was well received. May the Holy Spirit use the comments to his glory.

A clergyman of a prominent parish requested that I write a summary article of the trip for the Diocesan Newspaper. In talking with the Bishop about the request, he reiterated that he would like me to write bulletin inserts for each Sunday of Vocation Month (May) for all the parishes in the Diocese, and he added that he would like me to write a regular newsletter article for each issue of the Diocesan newspaper on "vocation and ministry".
Is what we are doing making a difference? Absolutely. Thank you, everyone, for making it possible.

Your prayers and continued support are very important for what we do to make a difference. 
Prayer requests:

1) Pray that our parish and presentation visitation schedule, and our making a difference work that we do for Belize in the U.S. be the Holy Spirit's schedule and blessing.  
2) Pray for making a difference on the next mission trip and on what we do in the meantime.  
In Christ,
Shaw+ and on behalf of Julie

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