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Friday, January 1, 2016

Prayer Mail Dec 28

Dear Friends,

This is our public prayer mail of Monday, 28 December 2015. 

We have had a good time: church services, family gatherings, et al over Christmas Day weekend.
I wish you a continued blessed Christmas Season, and in the midst of your seasonal festivities, a Happy New Year!

This week:

A)  We had a Learning Management System software upgrade without a hitch, for our distance learning program. There are two of these per year. 

B) I finished creating the Christian Ethics/Moral Theology distance learning course. 

C) Am touching up an existing course before launching into the Old Testament course. I like my courses. 

Your prayers are requested for the following:

A) For the printing of the Province of the West Indies Spanish Prayer Book in a timely manner, and for the next round of ordinations, tentatively in the works for later this year.  

B) For the scheduling and plans for my next trip to Belize. Discussions are slated to resume in January.

C) For the Parish Development and Stewardship course that begins near the end of January; for the students who would be taking the course.

D) For the financial support in 2016 that would enable me to do that which the Bishop of Belize and the Holy Spirit may have in mind. For the students and courses, and for my role as Examining Chaplain.

E) That I would me do what God would have me do to in 2016. There have been some interesting developments in the past few weeks.

F) For parish visitations, sermons, potential trips, and other matters over the next few months. For safe and timely travel. 

G) For family members who continue to face major decisions, including suitable arrangements for my mother. 

H) For seasonal get-togethers, plans, and logistics, including safe and timely travel. For family members' health related issues.  

I) For God's provision for all our needs.

Thank you for praying. I pray for you every day.

God bless you. 

Shaw, and on behalf of Julie.
Manchester, CT

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