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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scripture Prayer

Today’s prayer is for all missionaries in Peru and throughout the world and of course also for Father Shaw and Mother Julie and Lydia Mudge. Bishop Mike Chapman was in some serious jeopardy this week in Ica, Peru. He was traveling to a House of Bishops meeting in Chile, when he got stranded. There was a blockade connected to a local strike by cotton farmers. Some feared that the bishop would be captured. Thankfully, as the message below indicates, the danger has passed. Praise God!

A message from Bishop Mike Chapman: I arrived in Lima around midnight Friday the 13th. I hope to fly out to Santiago de Chile today sometime. The roads were pretty clear and the bus ride was uneventful. Please continue to pray for the team until all of them are back in Ica and then switch to prayer for Ica. I will return to Lima the 18th where I will meet up with Linda and probably take a few days to let it all sink in before returning to Ica. Please thank everyone for their prayers. I think everything that is going on is proof of the desperate need for strong intercessory prayer for missionaries. Please put this out to the list and God bless you for all you do and everyone that intercedes because it really makes all of the difference.

Psalm 91: 4

He will shelter you with his wings, you will find safety under his wings. His faithfulness is like a shield or a protective wall.

Thank You Lord, for protecting Bishop Mike during his harrowing experience. Please continue to protect him and the Mudges and all missionaries in Peru and throughout the world. Thank You that the Mudges enjoyed their railroad trip into the Andes. Thank You that they were safe. Lord, let them have more joyful experiences during their last weeks in Peru. Thank You for the work that You have given them to do and guide them into their next assignment. Give them your discernment and help them to get ready for their trip back to the States. Amen.

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